It can happen to any of us; sometimes, through no fault of our own.  In any case, you have the right to be defended by a lawyer – it’s the law.  No matter if you have been charged with a felony, a misdemeanor, or merely a violation. Under our legal system, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Often, people charged with a crime seek to take the easiest or least expensive way out of their dilemma.  They may not think about or realize the long term consequences of having a criminal conviction on their record.  Even a minor infraction of the law, such as a traffic violation, or more seriously, a DUI conviction can be very detrimental.  There may be a great job or other opportunity precluded by an unfavorable incident in one’s history.  Don’t take a chance on being punished over and over again in the future.  Take proper measures today to protect your future.  If you or someone you know has been arrested, make certain to exercise the constitutional right to be defended by an attorney.  Call us today, 24/7 Toll-Free: 1-800-611-0142 or send an e-mail.

Experience Counts

Hire an experienced law firmThe Law Offices of David P. Ginzberg have presided over many criminal cases in which the charges were mitigated, or entirely dismissed, or the defendant was found not guilty upon going to trial.  You can’t experience the benefits of a good criminal attorney if you haven’t hired one.

  • When you’ve been arrested, you are at the mercy of the courts unless you get a strong advocate whose only goal is making sure that you are well defended and treated fairly by the criminal justice system.  It’s your future at stake, take care of it.  Hire an experienced law firm.

  • We have been successfully helping Floridians with legal services since 1984.  We are fully experienced with all facets of the legal procedures required to ensure that your case is conducted professionally and that you are defended thoroughly.  Our attorneys are top-notch trial lawyers capable of the meticulous effort necessary to guide your case from beginning to end.  You can be certain that every member of our staff knows their job inside and out and will do their very best to provide you with the best defense possible.  Don’t hesitate, it’s your future.  Call us, 24/7 Toll-Free: 1-800-611-0142 or send an e-mail.

Initial Consultation

Upon your first visit, we provide you with a comprehensive consultation with one of our attorneys ABSOLUTELY FREE, or if you prefer, you can get answers fast over the phone.

  • This service costs you nothing, yet allows you to obtain straight-forward answers to your questions to help put your mind at ease.

  • We will advise you exactly what you should or shouldn’t do next.

  • If you choose to have us handle your case, we will tell you up-front and in writing exactly what services we will provide, along with the amount of our fees and costs.

  • Get the help you deserve nowCall us today,  24/7  Toll-Free:   1-800-611-0142 or send an e-mail now.

We’ll Look After You

It’s reassuring to know that you have someone in your corner to look after you.

  • Our loyalty is with you.  Once you’ve entrusted our firm with your problems, we perform strictly for you and your interests.

  • We know how important it is for you to know that your worries are well taken care of.

  • You always have someone to turn to.  We put our clients concerns first and do our utmost to treat you with compassion and understanding.

  • Each of the professionals in our law offices get to know you personally. We take the time to answer all your questions and explain exactly what’s happening each step of the way.

  • With locations throughout Florida, we’re available to help you when and where you need it most.  If you’re awaiting bond that prevents you from getting to our offices, we’ll come to you.

  • We are always there to fight for your rights, whatever it takes!

  • Get the help you deserve nowCall us today,  24/7  Toll-Free:   1-800-611-0142 or send an e-mail now.