Verdicts & Settlements

Resolution of Typical Cases
Here is a listing of just a few typical example cases resolved successfully over the years. You can rest assured that we will do our very best to resolve all the issues and concerns to your satisfaction. These cases reflect typical occurrences involving legal actions in various venues.


Personal Injury & Wrongful Death Cases

Medical Malpractice:

$3.2 Million
Settlement for prescribing wrong medication resulting in death of patient.

$1.3 Million
Verdict for surgeon’s negligence by prescribing and performing unnecessary surgical procedures causing patient to loose use of motor skills in lower extremities.

Workman’s Compensation:

Settlement for worker injured by employer’s failure to provide industry standard safety devices for employees working under hazardous conditions resulting in lung injuries.

Settlement for employee’s medical expenses and loss of wages by employer’snegligence in seeking medical treatment for injured worker.

Automobile Accidents:

$12.7 Million
Verdict on behalf of family (wile & 3 small children) for the death of an innocent jogger struck down on sidewalk by a negligent tractor-trailer driver.

$1.4 Million
Settlement for injuries sustained by postal worker injured when drunk driver rammed the back of parked delivery vehicle.

Criminal Cases


Probation (3 years)
Verdict rendered to defendant facing up to 12 years of incarceration in state penitentiary for drug related charges was modified to probation.

$7500 Restitution & Time Served (96 days)
Prosecutor reduced charges from “felony fraud” to “larceny” for contractor accused of cheating customers out their down payment for goods and services.  Contractor could have been sentenced up to 15 years in prison.


Client was found not guilty to charges of driving under the influence when case went to trial.  Prosecutor was unable to produce witnesses to counter defense witness (expert testimony) regarding the physical state of the client at time of arrest.

Domestic Violence
Charges reduced to disorderly conduct through plea-bargain with prosecutor.  Client was given 6 months probation and fine of $300.00.

Bankruptcy Cases

Debt Reductions:

$789,719 Debt
Client lost source of income after suffering extended illness.  Final settlement with creditors allowed client to keep his home ($462,000), eliminated medical bills ($310,000) and reduced all remaining amounts owed to only $6,451.  Client was relieved of $321,268 of crushing debt.

IRS Settlements:

$69,900 In Back Taxes & Penalties
Settlement achieved with IRS amounting to only $6,322, and payable monthly over 3 years resulting in a monthly payment of only $191.42.

Structured Repayments:

$37,500 Credit Card Debt
Creditors agreed to restructuring of clients debt.  Debt was reduced by $19,100 and the remaining balance of $18,400 became payable over 5 years reducing monthly payments from over $1,300 to only $342 per month.

Family Law Cases


Dissolution Decree, Property & Alimony
A male spouse was granted a dissolution of marriage, wherein he retained the family home and was awarded alimony together with a reasonable division of property after his wife of 23 years abandoned the family domicile and joined a religious cult.

Child Support:

$27,500 Recovered for Burdened Mother
A financially struggling mother recovered overdue child support from her former husband for the support of 3 minor children and was awarded a substantial increase for remaining child support payments.

Child Custody/Visitation:

Distraught Father Awarded Joint Custody
Parents are often denied child visitation rights by their former spouses.  One of our clients was awarded joint custody by the family court after the court determined that the father was being denied reasonable visitation by his spouse’s current husband.  The judge ruled that each parent would share custody by alternating physical control of the children for six months out of each year and that both parties would pay equal child support amounts to the party having custody.

Prenuptial Agreement:

$7.9 Million in Assets Protected
Client requested protection of pre-existing assets through prenuptial agreement.  During subsequent divorce proceedings 3 years later, court upheld exclusion of all prenuptial assets from divorce settlement.